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Guys I did a thing.

no nigga! That ainโ€™t fuckin fair! Bitch got better technique than some of my girls god damnit.

A lot of people ask me if I miss marching, and of course I do. But I’m pretty lucky. Every day I get to wake up and spend it with this corps. I get to feel their pain and happiness with them. And every show, I get to watch them kill it on the field.

Yeah, I miss being out there. But I’m pretty damn lucky with what I’ve got.

This summer is so worth it. It’s amazing to see the progress from the other side of it. When I run to the store to pick up something for a member and they hug me and are so grateful, those are the moments that make it worth it. Spending three days making sure uniforms are assigned and altered is hell. But seeing everyone on the field under the lights is why I do it.

It may only be day 24 of tour, but it’s already worth it. Thank you, Genesis 2014.

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